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Wood Destroying Insect Report

Sooner or later you'll buy or sell a home.  And you'll be asked to provide a "Wood Destroying Insect" report for the prospective buyer or you'll want a report for the home you plan to buy.  Although Louisiana has not mandated this, as in many other states, more and more buyers have learned the hard way to inspect first before buying.  Many homeowners are unaware of any termite infestations, until the inspection reveals a problem.  If you are the unlucky buyer of a termite infested home, you may have expenses you did not expect.  The price of a termite inspection is "cheap insurance" considering the cost of treatment.  I know of many distraught homeowners, who sold a home they owned for only a short time, that had infestations that appeared to be several years old.  Unfortunately for them, they did not request an inspection before they bought the home.

Key Benefits

  • Protecting home equity
  • Cheap Insurance
  • Mortgage requirement


The first thing you need to know is that any structure containing wood or cellulose material provides a natural food source for subterranean termites. Even structures that are mostly steel and concrete are vulnerable to termite attack. The list below is to provide some general conditions conducive to termite infestation.

  1. Earth-wood contact
  2. Firewood stacked against foundation
  3. Wood debris in crawl space
  4. Wood mulch (within 3 ft of foundation)
  5. Faulty grade
  6. Insufficient ventilation
  7. Moisture


A trained and qualified representative of this company will conduct a careful inspection to determine the presence or absence of visible evidence of infestation from wood destroying insects. The inspection will be made in those areas, which are readily accessible and where infestation was most likely to occur. No inspection is made in areas, which require the breaking apart, or dismantling or removal of any objects.

This is not a structural damage report. A wood destroying insect inspector is not ordinarily a construction or building trade expert and, therefore is not expected to possess any special qualifications, which enable him to detect the extent of structural damage if damage or other evidence of wood destroying insects is noted in this report.


A. The inspection covered the readily accessible areas of the property, including attics and crawl spaces, which permit entry. Special attention was given to those accessible areas, which experience has shown to be particularly susceptible to attack by wood destroying insects probing and/or sounding of those areas and other visible accessible wood members showing evidence of infestation was performed.

B. The inspection did not include areas, which were obstructed or inaccessible at the time of inspection.

C. This is not a structural damage report. Neither is this a warranty as to absence of wood destroying insects.


A. If the inspection finds signs of subterranean termites the report will note the visible area of infestation and proper control measures to be performed. Insect or infestation observed will be noted.

B. The pest control operator will then give you written bid with a graph detailing the proper control measures to be performed.

C. After the treatment has been performed the pest control operator will issue another report showing that proper control measures have been performed.

D. A One-Year Re-Treat Guarantee will be provided. In most cases the Guarantee will be renewable




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