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Bora-Care and Mold-Care treatment to framing components. 


Treatment to the soil below the slab.

Dye tracker added to Pre-treat termiticide to insure total coverage.

We offer our basic warranty with options to renew and continue regular yearly inspection and treatment to areas that may become conducive to termite activity.

Wilsons will provide complementary estimates. Unlike any of our competition we start with a material take-off. Once established we will produce a bid priced per square foot, using real material cost figures, labor, overhead and profit. Companies that do not take real cost into consideration will be forced to short a job on material to cover overhead and make a profit. We are a high volume user of product. We use this to your advantage and try to obtain the lowest possible costs from our vendors.

These savings result in a competitive bid to you.


Bora-Care Termite Solutions

from the Nisus Corporation


BORA-CARE/MOLD CARE Termite Pretreatments

Bora-Care, a borate based termiticide/wood preservative,  is applied during the dried-in stage of construction, prior to insulation, and regardless of weather.  And construction crews do not need to leave the jobsite.  This can help prevent scheduling delays.

In addition to termite protection, wood treated with Bora-Care provides superior protection against carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and all major wood-destroying insects.  It also prevents mold and decay fungi.  Pressure treated lumber and soil treatments can't do all this.



The "on-wood" treatment remains visible on the inside for  a week or more until the insulation or wallboard is in place.  On the exterior, the UV sensitive dye will begin to fade quickest where it has the most exposure to the sun.  Typically the north side of the home remains visible longer.  The dye is only added so that we can be sure we have complete coverage.  Bora-Care, remains effective after the dye fades and continues to penetrate the wood until it reaches complete equilibrium within the wood. At this point it remains effective virtually forever and cannot be removed unless the wood is physically removed.


Bora-Care is a borate-based termiticide, insecticide and fungicide concentrate applied directly to the wood by your pest management professional. Its patented glycol formula penetrates deep into the wood providing long lasting protection. Bora-Care protects the wood as long as it is in service.


Mold-Care Mold Solutions






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