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Over the years, the pest management industry has developed termite
management products and systems that are effective and environmen-
tally friendly.


Wilson’s Termite and Environmental Service technicians are continually
trained in the use of all the systems including the Termiscope Alarm
System. Termiscope Alarm Systems provide a means to detect active
foraging Termites. Termiscope Alarm System installed around the pe-
rimeter of your home serves as an early warning system. You buy a
security alarm to protect your home or business from human invaders.
With Termiscope Alarm System, your home has a security system to
warn you of termite invasion.

It watches for termites 24 hours a day within the soil. As soon as
Termiscope's Patented Visual Alert rises 1” from the top of the station.
you know termites have attacked.

One call and Wilson’s Termite and Environmental's Service
Specialists begin theirs.

Nothing will protect your home as well as a Termite Treatment designed
specifically for your home by Wilson’s Termite Specialist.

After a thorough inspection visually, infrared termite location scan and
acoustic identification test. You will receive a detailed written report
on the premises, Wilson’s Termite Specialists will recommend termite
elimination methods suited to your particular circumstances, with an
emphasis on safety and effective protection of the premises.

I n most cases, a serious termite infestation will require the use of
some chemicals, in order to minimize the risk of severe timber damage
to a building. However, there are modern products and technologies
available to suit environmentally sensitive situations.

Exterra Bait, Termidor Termiticide and Bora and Mold-Care Termiticide Fungicide
are just some of the tools we use.


Termite baiting employs a very different approach. With baits, small amounts of material are deployed like edible "smart missiles" to knock out populations of termites foraging in and around the structure. Foraging termites consume the bait and share it with their nestmates, resulting in a gradual decline in termite numbers. Some baits may even eradicate entire termite colonies. A comprehensive baiting program then seeks to maintain a termite-free condition on the customer's property through ongoing inspection, monitoring and re-baiting as needed.

The baits consist of paper, cardboard, or other palatable food, combined with a slow-acting substance lethal to termites. The bait must be "tasty" enough that termites will readily consume it, even in the presence of competing tree roots, stumps, woodpiles and structural wood. If the bait kills too quickly, sick or dead termites may accumulate in the vicinity of the bait stations, increasing the chance of avoidance by other termites in the area. Delayed-action also enhances transmission of the lethal agent to other termites, including those that never fed on the bait. Entire colonies can be eliminated in this manner, although total colony elimination is not always necessary to afford structural protection.  Bait can take a significant amount of time to produce the desired effect.  Which is why we normally recommend a liquid perimeter treatment if termites are active.


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