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About EcoSMART

EcoSMART’s technology is based on the natural defenses that plants and trees have used for their self protection against insects and pathogens for centuries – essential oils.
After over a decade of research, EcoSMART developed revolutionary combinations of efficacious insecticidal plant essential oils that offer botanical based alternatives to conventional pesticides. The active ingredients in EcoSMART’s products are unique, synergistic blends of essential oils, many of which are classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and approved as direct food additives.

Company Overview

EcoSMART Technologies is a world leader in patented pesticide products derived from natural plant oils. EcoSMART’s field proven technology provides natural pest control solutions to the conventional and rapidly growing natural/organic product markets.
EcoSMART’s headquarters is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, and its labs in located in British Columbia, Canada. The sales, technical and customer support office for their Commercial Division is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

EcoSMART Technologies began its research efforts with botanicals in the early 1990’s:

eco smart

Q: Are EcoSMART products only for use in sensitive and/or organic accounts?

No. While EcoSMART products work great for sensitive and organic accounts, they are designed to work in virtually all accounts since they are comparable to conventional pesticides in terms of efficacy…but with the safety benefits of botanical products.

Q: I understand 2-Phenethyl Propionate (PEP) is derived from peanut oil.  I’m allergic to peanuts and peanut products.  Will I react to PEP?

People who demonstrate allergies to peanuts and peanut products will not be affected by PEP.  Peanut allergies result from certain amino acids found in peanuts.  PEP is derived from components of peanut oil which do not contain those amino acids.

Q: Why is it recommended to use an adjuvant with EcoEXEMPT® IC?

The adjuvant acts as an emulsifier allowing EcoEXEMPT IC to completely mix with water and help keep it in solution.  Adjuvants are very easy to use and generally inexpensive.  A little bit goes a long way.

Q: Botanical products have been around a long time, are typically short-lived (no residual), more expensive and more difficult to use.  How do EcoSMART’s botanical products differ from other botanicals?

The major difference between EcoSMART’s botanical products and other botanicals is that we use a synergized blend of plant oils as our active ingredient, not a single botanical oil.  This synergistic effect increases the insecticidal activity of the plant oils, enabling our botanical products to perform comparably to conventional products in terms of effectiveness, residual, ease-of-use, and treatment cost while maintaining the lowest environmental and mammalian toxicity possible.  This difference is so unique to EcoSMART, it is patented.

Q: What is the mode of action of your active ingredient?

EcoPCO® and EcoEXEMPT® products have a unique mode of action that targets and blocks a key neurotransmitter receptor site called octopamine, which is found in all invertebrates, but not mammals.  Octopamine regulates an insect’s heart rate, movement and metabolism.  Interrupting the function of octopamine results in a total breakdown of the insect’s nervous system. 
EcoPCO® X products actually have a dual mode of action with the synergized pyrethrin and plant oil active ingredient.  Not only is it an octopamine blocker as described above, but the pyrethrin also acts as a nerve toxin in insects.

Q: I noticed that EcoSMART is continuously adding new products to their product offering.  Are you planning to introduce a bait?

There are no current plans to introduce a bait in the near term; however, research has been conducted on several formulations and a bait may be available in the future.

Q: Do EcoSMART products require any special equipment, mixing, or training to be used properly?

No, EcoPCO and EcoEXEMPT products can be used in a similar manner to any other comparable formulation on the market and requires no special equipment or training.

Q: Do you offer products for both interior and exterior service?

EcoSMART offers a complete line of professional products to service residential or commercial properties on the exterior or interior.

Q: Do you have a scope of service or service protocols using only EcoSMART products?

Yes, click here to access EcoSMART’s scopes of service.

Q: What is the best way to incorporate EcoSMART products into my service program?

You can simply substitute EcoSMART products in place of the products you currently use.  It is as simple as that. 
here to access EcoSMART’s scopes of service.

Q: Are EcoSMART products more expensive to use when compared to conventional pesticides?

No, our products are very cost competitive when compared to conventional products.  In fact, several of our products are actually more economical than their conventional product counterparts (and just as effective).

Q: Does EcoSMART offer any technical or marketing support?

Yes, EcoSMART can provide you both technical and marketing support.  For technical support, you may contact Dr. Harlan Feese, EcoSMART’s Technical Director (toll-free at 1-877-667-0006 or e-mail at ).  For marketing support, contact Judy Hight, EcoSMART’s Customer Service Director (toll free at 1-877-667-0006 or e-mail at ).  For additional information regarding EcoSMART’s Marketing Support Program, click. (LINK TO MARKETING SUPPORT)

Q: The EcoPCO® “X” products use pyrethrin as one of the botanical components.  Pyrethrin has been used for decades as an active.  What makes EcoPCO® “X” products different from other py-based products?

Py-based products only provide a contact kill.  That is, they have knockdown and kill properties, but no residual activity. Pyrethrin also requires the addition of a synergist, typically piperonyl butoxide (PBO), to prevent the insect from metabolizing the py.
The unique blend of EcoSMART’s plant oils and pyrethrins eliminates the necessity PBO to synergize the pyrethrins.  These plant oils also have a totally unique mode of action from pyrethrin thus providing a “dual” mode of action by attacking different portions of the insect’s nervous system simultaneously.  
But most importantly, the synergistic effect realized when combining EcoSMART’s plant oils and pyrethrin results in a technological breakthrough unique to EcoPCO® “X” products.  For the first time ever, EcoSMART has developed a line of py-based products that provide residual performance comparable to conventional pesticides…and without the fragrance commonly associated with botanicals.


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